“Herculean, that’s how I feel today”. That’s the key message we give to our fans. We energise people.

More than a decade ago, Yves Vekemans – multisporting mathematician – started a ridiculous journey with a few buddies: the Hercules Trophy team challenge. It became a hit in Belgium, land of the festivals. Thousands of people from hundreds of companies participated and kept coming back.

Inge Van Belle – multilanguage speaking lawyer – joined him along the way. They got married on a tropical beach and they now raise 3 adorable kids.

In 2009 – that’s in the biggest recession ever – they both left the corporate rat race, and became hard working entrepreneurs.

They started crafting a great team with amazing people with the aim to professionalize, test and grow the Hercules Trophy in different countries. In 2012 they really went for it and convinced the first of several investors to start a holding company. Herculean cvba was born and Hercules Trophy events were organized in Madrid, Dubai, Munich, Johannesburg, New York, Lithuania, Warsaw, The Netherlands and Abu Dhabi.

The Herculean lifestyle became reality and the vision was refined. Based on a Mantra and Herculean Values they want to unite and energise people all over the world.

But it didn’t stop there. Because of the success of Hercules Trophy, customers started to askΒ  for specific wellbeing programs on the workfloor. Hercules Academy was born. With the help of true Olympians they developed a methodology to help people lead a more balanced lifestyle, focusing on body, mind, nutrition and social skills. They even developed Herculean personality types.

Hercules Projects started because so many customers asked us to transform our Sportainment know how into successful active projects. Company Days, Family Days, Team Days with an active touch were organized for vey large and small companies.

From Hercules Projects, new formats are being created. The Flair Games became the Ladies Games and became the Pink Ladies Games, for active women who care, are a great example of that. In just 2 years time over 800 teams participated in this amazing format which is now planning to go global.

They started the Herculix Foundation. A non for profit that wants to inspire the fans and our crew to bring social change through sports. The foundation is now being integrated in as many of our events as possible, with The Pink Ladies Games as one of the most important.

They didn’t only focus on the people and customer-side of things. They wanted to run a professional company with many investors and solid corporate governance with checks and balances. Again with a lot of ups and downs they gathered more investors, installed a board of advice and a board of directors, work with professional accountants, lawyers etc

In 2017 they even decided to use equity crowdfunding as a means to loyalise the fans. A huge gamble in the Belgian market as it was one of the most immature markets in that field. The campaignΒ – powered by MyMicroInvest (now Spreds) – was so successful that they were awarded “Best Crowdfunding Campaign in 2017” by a professional jury

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