Barbara Torfs!

Barbara Torfs has been working as Marketing Communications Director for 21 years at the family owned business Schoenen Torfs, alongside CEO Wouter Torfs. In the past years, she’s been mainly contributing to the digital innovation and transformation of the retail company. Next to that, the ‘Fit@Torfs’ wellbeing programme grew to being one of her priorities.

Her belief in ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ resulted in a long term engagement in ‘Springbok Coaching’ where she works with founder Brecht Buysschaert, starting from 2016. By taking up the commercial leadership in the training- and coaching company, she’s been able to combine her rich experience in business with her lifelong passion since her school career: Physical Education.

The next big step in Barbara Torfs’ professional career came in February 2017: she became an investor in Herculean and joined the board to support its founders Yves Vekemans and Inge Van Belle.

The need for social interaction and her attention for people are far more than just Barbara’s professional traits, as they are abundant in her free time as well. Her voluntary engagement as ambassador of the Bond Zonder Naam and her role as director in the Kom op tegen Kanker foundation, the Belgian Cancer Foundation, are two prime examples of that. She loves to dedicate her time to both projects, next to practicing sports.

Barbara would walk through fire for her family and friends: “My husband and two children, but my friends too are sacred to me.

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