Breaking news: Herculean and Springbok Coaching join forces for a strong corporate health policy

Springbok Coaching, the company that promotes corporate health and Herculean announce their elaborate cooperation in order to offer an integrated and holistic wellbeing approach. Furthermore, Springbok founder Barbara Torfs will take on an operational role within Herculean.

With Springbok Coaching as one of the building blocks in the overall strategy, Herculean strengthens its role as a trusted advisor for companies in corporate wellbeing. To this end, Springbok Coaching will become a cooperative partner within Herculean in the following months, just like existing partners (such as Serge Haubourdin -coach and husband of ex-tennis player Sabine Appelmans– and former judo champion Gella Vandecaveye).

Springbok Coaching was established in 2014 by health consultant Brecht Buysschaert. Barbara Torfs, Director Marketing and Communication at the well-known Belgian retailer Schoenen Torfs, joined the company in 2016. Through a team of experts, Springbok Coaching inspires accompanies companies in implementing a sustainable strategic health policy in the office.

Springbok Coaching and Herculean have found each other through the Hercules Academy that offers wellbeing programs via 4 modules: Mental, Physical, Nutrition and Social. The underlying approach is: “happy employees are productive employees”. As a part of the cooperative structure, Springbok Coaching can keep growing in its niche without loss of its identity. The synergy between both enterprises results in stronger capabilities to deliver on complete solutions for both large and small corporations.

Aiming for further growth, Barbara has been offered an operational role within the Herculean group. Barbara’s embedding in the Belgian market, her expertise in customer centered marketing and communication, as well as her caring, value driven people management and corporate wellbeing experience: all add great value to the organisation, according to the Herculean founders. She will therefore leave the family owned business Schoenen Torfs, where she has worked for 21 years.

Barbara Torfs: “The mission, vision and values of Herculean fit exceptionally welldsc_3493 with everything Springbok Coaching stands for. After a thorough screening and a long process of consideration with a couple of personal advisers, I’ve decided to engage in an operational role as well within Herculean. I am of course very grateful for everything that has been. Now however, I am looking forward to what’s coming!”

Herculean founder Yves Vekemans,: “Besides the fact that Barbara is an experienced entrepreneur, she’s also an icon in Belgium when it comes to wellbeing. Barbara has a clear vision on where she wants to be and that suits perfectly in the Herculean culture.”

With Barbara taking on an operational role, Herculean founders Yves Vekemans and Inge Van Belle are given a greater scope to further engage in the international expansion and the further realization of the IT platform. This fits neatly in the ongoing effort of building the future of the company that wants to position itself as an international partner in wellbeing for all companies. Several new countries are about to be launched in the following months. Looking at existing successful concepts in the B2C market (like e.g. Color Run and Iron Man, both active in dozens of countries), Herculean wants to realize the same success in the B2B segment.

Co-founder Inge Van Belle: “For quite a while now, we’ve been looking for a business leader who is dedicated to the Belgian market, to allow Yves and myself to focus more on the IT platform and the international expansion. Barbara is a real asset to our team, for she has built an excellent reputation in corporate wellbeing over the years and speaks the language of the companies that want to invest in their employees.”  dsc_3471

Springbok Coaching owner Brecht Buysschaert: “I strongly believe in the strength of Herculean’s network, in the scalability of the platform and in the positive energy of the new team. On top of that, the complementarity of our services ensures an integrated market approach that’s in line with what business owners and managers need. I’m enormously looking forward to our cooperation and the growth that we can realize together.”

About Springbok Coaching

Springbok Coaching guides companies in the development and implementation of new sustainable health programs, as well as making existing programs successful. The ultimate goal is to keep employees across all corporate divisions he
althy and motivated for a longer time  in a dynamic corporate culture. Springbok Coaching does this with great passion for both the physical and mental health and with a strong connection to people. Springbok Coaching delivers tailor made solutions that take the culture, possibilities and budget of a company into account. De Lijn, Friesland Campina, E5-Mode, Bridgestone, Schoenen Torfs and the city of Lommel are a couple examples of their current customers.

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  1. Springbok founder Barbara Torfs will take on an operational role within Herculean.

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