Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) & Their Great Herculean Experience

Emirates National Oil Company is a diversified oil and gas group, supplying energy to Dubai and the UAE, as well as internationally to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. ENOC is wholly owned by the Dubai Government, and was initially established in 1993.

Earlier this year, ENOC’s Shared Services collaborated with Hercules Projects for a Town Hall Happiness event with the theme “Be Happy, Do Happy, Get Happy” and we are happy to report that loads of fun was had by all. 

The 200 strong staff had a full day of wellbeing on the theme and were entertained inside the Marquee at the Grand Hyatt for the morning. After Lunch, the teams all joined in a harmonious Tai Chi movement session which was quite moving to watch. Our crew got goosebumps to see everybody participate in the Tai Chi exercise, which set the tone for the rest of the day. The teams then headed off in various directions to challenge each other in six team building exercises. The competition was fun and teams got to know each other and have a good laugh. What was important was that athletic skills did not matter so each and every member who participated had a valuable role to play.

The prize giving gave everyone medals for participating and trophies were awarded for Winners and runners up and teams were also rewarded for fair play.

Mohammad  Zahoor, Head of Talent Development at ENOC had the following to say:

“Many thanks for conducting such a great event. I would love to bring you guys back to ENOC events in future. I have received excellent feedback from participants. A high 5 from the ENOC family. “

Thanks Mohammed, we would love to be back!


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